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Law firm "Mikhaylenko and partners"


Modern life is so fast-paced and dynamic, he's probably the only real value for any of us left our time. We appreciate your time, and therefore we are able to appreciate and respect the time of others. In our work we have abandoned the outdated approaches to the relationship, "attorney-client" and introduce modern, qualitatively new methods of legal protection of the interests of our customers, corresponding to world standards. What is important is that we love our job and get pleasure from it. And as anyone who loves his work, we strive to make it perfect. We reject rigidity and templates. Creativity and originality in approach - these are our principles, creative profession a lawyer - that's our motto. But most importantly - our team consists only of optimists. We are positive about the world, our lives, and we want to make our positive transmitted and you!

History of creation:
Law Office was established in 2008 by combining lawyers Oleg Mikhailenko and Andrew Falcon. The merger was the need to increase the practice to provide customers with a wider range of legal services. Already in the second year of operation, the Bureau showed a significant increase in turnover of legal services, which was noted by the magazine "Business Quarter". According to the information portal "PRAVO.RU" and "Vedomosti" in 2010, the Bureau took 63 place in the ranking of the best law firms in Russia - the top 100 (2 among the 3 companies from Rostov-on-Don, caught in the top list ) and 18th place in the ranking of the best law firms in regional Russia - Top-75 (2nd place among the 5 companies from Rostov-on-Don, caught in the top list).

Our mission:
In our work we try to provide our clients with the legal basis for the development of business and give them the most reliable legal way to accomplish these goals, giving confidence in the future and provides a guarantee of successful promotion of their business on the market. His main task we have set the promotion and development of civilized forms of relationships in business. The emphasis in our work we do on the ethics of our profession. Honesty in relation to the Customer and the moral purity are for us indisputable rules. We sincerely believe that with our help, our customers will not only preserve but also multiply to increase their business.

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